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Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture
Sunny Fashion Furniture Inc, together with many professional outdoor furniture factories in China, will bring you trustworthy products.
BBNHD316 Cloth chair
  • Model:
  • Size: 65*74*98/123*75*95
  • Gross weightt: 34.3 KG
BBNHD314 Cloth chair
  • Model:
  • Size: 120*81*69
  • Gross weightt: 42.8KG
BBNHD315 Rattan chair
  • Model:
  • Size: 90*85*87/137*85*90
  • Gross weightt: 37.9KG
BBNHD313 Rattan chair
  • Model:
  • Size: 75*70*98/123*69*90
  • Gross weightt: 38.3KG
BBNHD312 Cloth chair
  • Model:
  • Size: 44*44*47/145*75*97/110*80*140
  • Gross weightt: 55.8KG
BBNHD311 Cloth chair
  • Model:
  • Size: customized
  • Gross weightt: customized
BBNHD310 Rattan chair
  • Model:
  • Size: 114*61*52
  • Gross weightt: 48.7KG
BBNHD309 Cloth chair
  • Model:
  • Size: 95*98*130/137*83*90
  • Gross weightt: 49KG
BBNHD304 Rattan chair
  • Model:
  • Size: 70*75*91/106*50*107
  • Gross weightt: 62.6KG
BBNHD307 Rattan chair
  • Model:
  • Size: 90*22*91/68*74*160
  • Gross weightt: 27.9KG
BBNHD306 Rattan chair
  • Model:
  • Size: 46*43*50/73*54*61/216*20*108
  • Gross weightt: 91.9KG
BBNHD305 Rattan bed
  • Model:
  • Size: 172*65*41
  • Gross weightt: 15.5KG
About us
Sunny Fashion Furniture Inc is initiated by JOLILEE GROUP (Henan Bebon Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.), and jointly established by JOLILEE GROUP cooperating manufacturers. Jolilee is an industrial consortium which integrates product design, research and development, production organization, customer service and technical support.
Jolilee Service
Our product selection and team-buy assistant function can help you deal with problems in product procurement. Moreover, our internal professional team will manage all aspects of the design and packaging of your exclusive products, so you can customize the finished products according to your requirements.
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