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Customization with Samples
Jolilee has a professional R&D team, who is able to complete R&D and production according to the samples provided by customers, which is also one of our service characteristics. This will enable you to focus on sales, distribution and building your brand. At the same time, Jolilee perfect production quality management system, and can meet all customer samples customization.
Customization Process
Jolilee optimum packaging, with technical support and authorization from JOLILEE industry chain alliance
  • Submit Customized
  • Communication
  • Professional R&D Team
    Make Evaluation
  • Determine Customization
    Mode and Cycle
  • Begin Customization
    of Quality Products
Submit Custom Requirements
Shared Customization
Customization instructions: On the basis of achieving the minimum purchase quantity, we will bear the development cost. When the shared customized product completes other sales, you can also get a profit share.
Submit Custom Requirements
Exclusive Customization
Customization instructions: In this mode, your customized products are only for your purchase, other customers have no right to purchase. Jolilee will protect your property.
Submit Custom Requirements
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